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Discography is an on-going project in which I explore the concept of identity by creating fake personas for individuals as musicians, shoot album covers for them and print them on 12x12 record jackets with a blank vinyl disc inside. The only thing stopping these "musicians" from existing is that there is no music.

Luci Furr - Furrari

Yung Modelo - MONEY PAIN$

White Prins - Prinsess

Yung Modelo - Manje Poul

White Prins - I'm Japanese Now

Luci Furr - Demons

Yung Modelo - Baby It's Cold Inside (My Heart)

GlazZ SquiD - You Startled Kate

White Prins -  I Love My Camera

Discography was a featured artwork at META 2017 (you can learn more about META here


Below are some photos of the tangible records and how they were displayed

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