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Below are examples of my work as a producer and director in advertising, music videos and more

Producer (in some cases credited as Andi Bamby) for:

 Alex Porat's 
Happy For You, Only Hangin' Out Cause I'm Lonely, Never Say ILY Again, Forgot to Forgive, Bad At Breakups EP Live Stream/Show

Benita - Toxic

Mah Moud - 12

Dylan Sinclair's Black Creek Drive, Pleasure, Open, Never Ft. Joyce Wrice, Open Remix

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited Nude & Crude social media brand launch video 

(starring a headless Boman Reid )  

Directed, shot, edited, produced and wrote copy for two multi-video social media ad campaigns for Way of Will.

Below is a video from each campaign.

Directed and Shot photos for Unlike's Clouds & Clowns collection

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